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historic jacksonville oregon

Classic women's apparel is more than a family business for The Cotton Broker; it's a family tradition.

Alice McGee may have opened the Jacksonville store in 1994, but she started her successful career selling women's clothing much earlier, in Santa Monica, California. Her daughter, Alix George, who now runs The Cotton Broker, still enjoys stories from customers who fondly remember shopping at her mother's stores in California and Medford.

The Cotton Broker is known for its warm and thoughtful hands-on approach to welcoming customer service. American-made quality and classic styles mean customers enjoy their Jacksonville selections for years. Repeat shoppers are common, not only as locals searching for that special certain-something to wear at a wine festival, but as returning visitors from all over the world who make a stop at The Cotton Broker an annual destination.

The store shares Jacksonville's seasonal economic rhythms; visits to the store are boosted by browsers drawn by the Britt and Shakespeare festivals as well as Rogue Valley day-trippers attracted by the community's picturesque charm. Alix, a Jacksonville native, ensures her workers are also well-trained tour guides, since visitors often seek friendly directions and cheerful recommendations. 

"Carrying on my mother's legacy means a lot to me. Being an active part of this community for so many years has always been important to us, not only as a local business, but as a family." -Alix 

Written by Annabel Lund for the Jacksonville Booster's Newsletter, February 2019

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