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Business Highlight - Jacksonville Boosters Newsletter

This excerpt is from the Jacksonville Booster's Club, Released September, 2020

The Cotton Broker has been on the corner of Oregon and California since Alice McGee first opened shop in 1994. They were mainly cotton at the time, but fabrics have come a long way since the 90’s and they now carry many other materials. They stay true to their origins by offering a large selection of natural fibers and Made in America merchandise while striving for excellent customer service and satisfaction. “We love to help, whether it is matching a top to a favorite skirt, assisting a husband shopping for the perfect gift, or assembling a whole new summer wardrobe.” Alice was raised in Jacksonville when it was the “wrong side of the tracks.” She moved away, but eventually returned to our lovely little town to raise her daughter Alix, who now runs the store after her mother’s death. The store is currently listed for sale, as Alix is ready to explore new possibilities after several years managing and owning the business. The Cotton Broker has always been a family run, women owned business, and Alix sincerely hopes this tradition continues through whatever changes might be coming. “Although the global pandemic we face has obviously affected sales, our hearts are warmed by the enthusiastic support of our local customers and friends. While we value the health and safety of our community above all else, we are also enjoying the return of (more local) tourists even though our favorite neighborhood festivals are on hold. As we have noticed in past recessions, our locals rally to help their beloved businesses thrive despite the uncertainties at hand, and Jacksonville continues to be a booming little gold town no matter the political or economic climate.” Despite being closed for almost two months, The Cotton Broker has retained their competent staff and returned to normal business hours. They took advantage of the time off by expanding their online presence on social media and have a new webpage in the works. They are happy to cater to customers who are not comfortable risking public life by sending regular emails of new merchandise, completing phone orders for shipping, delivery, or curbside pickup, and scheduling private shopping appointments (with masks and sanitizer of course!). The Cotton Broker is a long-standing Boosters’ member and would like to express their appreciation of the projects and passion the Booster’s Club brings to Jacksonville.

Alix George, Owner


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